Giuseppe FARACE


For tens of years he has been passing with the greatest of ease from pop bands to a cappella singing groups, from fusion and jazz big bands to chamber music ensembles, from rock bands to symphony orchestras and advertising jingles. But in all this his greatest love, what drove him to embrace music when he was four years old, is orchestral film soundtracks.

After paying his dues for a good long time, Giuseppe started up Farace Records, an independent label he uses to market the productions coming out of his own state-of-the-art studio. His implacable drive for improvement and the innumerable ingenious intuitions of the audio designer Fabio Delben mean that his hi-tech equipment is being constantly developed through testing and experimentation.

His latest project, designed with an international dimension, is this collection of single original soundtracks entitled “Imaginary Journeys dreams, passions, adventures”. Here his great loves of orchestral composition and film music combine in an explosive mix of singles he has written for large orchestras in the evocative idiom of the cinema. Incisive and involving themes are presented in an array of atmospheres ranging from the filigree-delicate to the knock-down stunning. And they are heard in an extraordinary high-definition audio quality that makes for the utmost fidelity in the rendering of pianissimo, mezzo-forte, fortissimo and the rest of the range. Together with the emotive impact and immediacy of the soundtrack singles on Imaginary Journeys Collection, these technical features provide listeners with a truly captivating experience.

Giuseppe Farace lives and works in Trieste, Italy. Thanks to Imaginary Journeys Collection music he is gathering a huge number of fans all around the world. Beside this project, by his great ability to obtain a perfect orchestral emulation, he writes and produces original music for film and television, and also orchestral arrangements for independent songwriters and soloists.