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Founded in 2010 by two musicians and long time experts in music engraving, the composer, conductor and bassoonist Aljoša Tavčar and oboist Marco Bernini, we are an independent publishing company specialized in the production of high quality sheet music and music books.

We have many and different editorial guidelines:
we publish music works from composers of the area where we live, composers of the past who lived in Trieste or had been in a some way related to the city, and contemporary ones, both from Italian and Slovenian community living here; arrangements for wind chamber ensembles and wind orchestras, and music of the great world-wide-known composers, scores and orchestral performing material.

NOMOS Edition is mainly an urtext edition with a critical and musicological approach, and at the same time an edition conceived for practical use.
This kind of edition has a Preface in three-four languages (English, Italian, German and Slovene) which gives information about the work, the Critical Commentary and Critical Notes sections with detailed information about the sources on which the edition is based and about our editiorial policy and editor's choices.
Our main goal is to present a clean and accurate text, faithfull to the original source as far as possible, without intrusion from the editor, except for some have-to-do intervention, mostly by correcting obvious errors and oversights, or making some purely notational modifications and text standardizations. However, all editorial interventions and additions are clearly marked.

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